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Welcome to, dedicated to the Close Range Combat Academy and its practitioners. Here you can find out everything about CRCA and Wing Chun Gung Fu, get updates and see photographs of the latest CRCA events, stay in touch with other CRCA members, obtain guidance on training materials, browse the directory of CRCA schools, and get personalized contents when you sign up - for free - to be a part of the online community.

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» View photos of Photos from CRCA Seminar in Duisburg, Germany
» View photos of Sifu Quan's and Jared's Journey to the West
» CRCA Directory published. Send us your CRCA listing information.
» Check out the training section for a growing list of equipments, books, and media.

Upcoming events
No upcoming events are scheduled. All CRCA registered online members are welcome to add new CRCA-related events.
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The Close Range Combat Academy® Network was founded by Wing Chun Gung Fu legend Sifu Randy Williams. The CRCA network is a web of CRCA chapter academies that are certified by Sifu Randy Williams. Each CRCA chapter has a certified Chapter Represenative that represents Sifu Randy Williams. The CRCA network has academies in the U.S.A, Austria, Australia, Chile, England, Germany, Italy, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Romania, and expanding to other countries.

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Close Range Combat Academy locations around the world, including United States, Austria, Australia, Chile, England, Germany, Italy, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and Romania.


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