Join Us!

CRCA International welcomes all individual and group practitioners of martial arts to become a part of its family. Whether you are a member of a different lineage, or have no formal training in CRCA Wing Chun, CRCA International invites you to join and become a part of a much larger community.

Our Creative Team

As part of our mission, CRCA is interested in expanding its influence throughout the martial arts world. In order to do this, we have assembled a team of our best instructors to help increase CRCA’s visibility in the local community and provide greater access to CRCA instruction. Our Creative Team is responsible for making certain that all organization decisions are implemented from the top down, and that every decision is one that benefits the students who train in our schools. Here, the focus is on making CRCA International the best it can be.

Our Organization Team

Our Organization Team is composed of instructors and academy members who contribute regularly to CRCA. They produce, provide, contribute, implement and maintain all CRCA resources and materials for instruction and promotion, and they are an integral part in the organization’s overall operating structure.

Our Resources

Along with this website, CRCA International provides multiple resources of instruction for its students in the form of virtual media. This includes using resources like YouTube to provide video instruction outside the classroom and Facebook for news and information on the organization. At CRCA we encourage our members to be resourceful in their training efforts, and we do that by providing them with access to tools that can enhance their skills as martial artists.

Our Instruction

As with any martial arts organization, CRCA International boasts a hierarchy of step-by-step instruction leading all the way to the top of our ranking system. We build each student from the ground up, starting with their ability to root into the ground with footwork and then build from there. CRCA Wing Chun focuses on both the theory and practical applications of Wing Chun, but does not sacrifice technique over theory. Our instructors teach what is useful over what is pretty, ensuring every technique has place and purpose in its application.

Our Ranking System

Like many other schools, CRCA International has its own ranking system in order to help identify a student’s level of skill and knowledge in the art of Wing Chun. There are a total of eight ranks in the system of CRCA Wing Chun, each with its own set of requirements that every student must master once the rank is achieved. The testing requirements in earning a new rank are rigorous, and are not meant to be taken lightly. To learn more about our ranking system click here, or go to the Ranking tab in the main menu of this website.

If you want more information on how and where you can join CRCA, our Location page can help you find a school near you. You can also send us and email,