Seminar 2018 with “Seef” in Mexico

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Date(s) - 02/11/2018 - 04/11/2018
10:00 - 19:00

Queretaro Mexico



Seef Seminar 2018 Mexico

Randy2018en - Tabloide

2.-4.11.2018 in Mexico Queretaro.

The contents of the seminar:


  1. Basis, Bai Joang stance and mixed footwork

a) Punches

b) Palm strikes

c) Yin Blocks

d) Yang Blocks

e) Complex Blocks

f) Complex Attacks

g) Kicks

h) Forearm strengthening Sequence

  1. Combat footwork

a) Toh Ma

b) Short pivot

c) Outside facing

d) Inside Facing

e) Bracing

  1. Combat Drills

a) Kiu Sau

b) Pock Sau Cycle

c) Mun Sau

  1. Wing Chun Combat Theory

a) Ying/Yang, Reference, Arrow and Vee

b) Cutting angle / yin cutting angle

c) Facing

d) Jyeh Lick

e) “Loy Lau Hoy Soang, Lut Sau Jick Choong”

f) Centerline theory

g) Leen Siu Dai Da

h) Yut Fook Yee

i) Timing

j) Trapping

k) Multi-directional movement

l) Leverage (lever/fulcrum) principle

m) “Taking the triangle”

n) Defeat of the yin/yang structure

  1. San Sau – Wing Chun Street Combat Techniques

a) Vs Jab

b) Vs 1-2

c) Vs Hooks / Uppercuts / backfists

d) Vs Kicks

e) Emergency Defenses

f) Knifes Defenses

g) Gun Defenses

h) Ground Defense

Takedowns / Sweeps